The forthcoming missions aim to undertake extensive expeditions, encompassing both Mars and the Moon landings, while also addressing the pressing concern of space debris. These ventures represent a significant leap in space exploration, pushing the boundaries of human achievement. As we journey to other celestial bodies, we must also take responsibility for preserving the space environment by actively cleaning up the layer of space trash to ensure sustainable exploration and the continued well-being of our cosmos.

Our goal

goal is to improve the environment so that it is a healthier place to live, and to provide people with novel and innovative experiences in health and space travel. all. To improve the planet for coming generations, we work to establish carbon-free operations and lower carbon dioxide emissions.


Putting money into our creative ideas is putting money into the future of space travel and exploration. Our plan outlines the main topics on which we will concentrate in the upcoming years, including the creation of new technologies, the advancement of current techniques, and the exploration of uncharted territory.

We think space exploration and travel have a promising future. The development of more sustainable space exploration techniques, the improvement of space transportation capabilities, and the creation of new business prospects are all part of our 2030 goal.

Whether you are a fan of space exploration or a company seeking to make a future investment, We encourage anybody who is interested in the potential of space exploration to join us on this

thrilling voyage. We can influence space travel in the future and build a better future for everyone by working together. Imagine a time and space-free future where travel is possible. a world where environmentally friendly high-speed transit is not just cheap. We are developing ground-breaking solutions at Majriti SRTM that will alter current travel regulations. Our group of passionate scientists and engineers is dedicated to scouring the wide cosmos and coming up with novel transportation- related solutions. In comparison to traditional missile-based and other systems, we hope to achieve faster speeds and higher efficiency using superconducting magnetic lifting technology.

In contrast to current missile-based systems, which are restricted to hundreds of tons with an annual payment rate of around 10,000 per kg, our initiative intends to lower the cost of a single conversion kilogram utilizing the magnetic levitation technology for roughly $40.

We provide

provide satellite launches, space travel, international travel, space mining, and high-speed ground transportation services, among other launches of various combinations of monitored cargoes. We think that having a wide variety of services will provide us a distinct advantage over rivals who might just concentrate on a single product market.

But we go further than that. We are also interested in space health medicine, a discipline devoted to comprehending and reducing the health dangers of space flight.

Space atrophy, a disease in which muscles and bones degrade from lack of usage, can result from the microgravity that astronauts endure in space. For astronauts’ long-term health and
wellbeing, this might have negative effects. With the use of artificial gravity, our technology seeks to fight the negative effects of microgravity on the human body. create a brighter future for all.


MAJRITI SRTM is a group of scientists and engineers dedicated to revolutionizing the future of transportation and space. We develop cutting-edge solutions for space science, research, commercial transport, energy, and aircraft manufacturing.

We strive to operate with a carbon-free footprint and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our goal is to create a healthier environment and leave a better planet for future generations.

Our goals include developing sustainable exploration methods, enhancing space transportation capabilities, and unlocking new business opportunities in the field of space exploration. By 2030, we aim to transform the future of space travel.

We utilize superconducting magnetic levitation technology to achieve faster speeds and higher efficiency in space transportation. Our innovative approach also extends to space health care, combating the negative effects of microgravity on astronauts’ well-being.